Our Promise
Investing in quality and delivering the very best by customization, innovation, adaptability and systems, whether it be our products, services or people, for deeper penetration and visibility for its associates.
  Customized Solutions
We realize that our customer's success is integral to ours. When customers talk, we listen and respond immediately. A dedicated and discerning Customer Relationship Executive (CRE) acts as the one-point contact to service all the needs of our customers.
  Expertise & Knowledge Management
VAV's team of industry experts integrates the latest market information through Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Softwares, specially designed to encompass our requirements most efficiently and effectively.
  Swift Adaptability
Our organizational structure is built to compete effectively in the ever-changing global market. By embracing change as an opportunity for action, we respond effectively and efficiently.
  Distribution through Innovation
Our pan-Indian warehousing network is enhanced by state-of-the-art logistics, storage and distribution. VAV's unparalleled distribution and delivery system pools information to the central office, ensuring that the products arrive at the right destination at all times, globally.
Our uncompromising quality standards dictate that we source only from world-renowned, reputed producers. Promoting ethical practices, we encourage transparency and integrity toward our associates at every level.
Dedicated to provide ecofriendly organic agricultural inputs that enhances soil fertility and creates a clean agro eco system.  
  • To promote organic farming by supplying organic agricultural inputs of high value addition
  • To value add the organic agricultural inputs through research and continually improve the quality of the inputs
  • To add new array of organic inputs for specific crops and specific crop conditions
  • To produce farmer friendly packing systems for the inputs
  • To produce farmer friendly, easy to use organic formulations
  • To supply the organic products promptly and to provide package of practices to the end user
  • To become the global leader as the manufacturer and supplier of organic agricultural inputs
Focused to produce research based phytochemicals as agricultural inputs for pest and disease control and crop production; and to continually improve the quality to international competence.

Focused to maintain the integrity and sustainability of agro ecosystem by providing organic agricultural inputs to farming community.


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