Biocomp-M is the organic manure that is made up of organic vegetations, deoiled cakes and other adjuvant. This is multipurpose manure, shall be applied to all crops to increase the yield of the crop. This shall be applied as a basal dressing. Biocomp-M has a perfect blend of various vegetable matters which provides required amount of N, P and K and other micro elements to the crops.

  • Excellent substitute for fertilizer programme in organic farming
  • Contains primary, secondary and tertiary plant nutrients for healthy crop growth
  • Ideal fertilizer for fruits, vegetables and ornamental crops
  • Helps in biological nitrogen fixation
  • Promotes ecological balance of the soil
  • Promotes moisture retention of the soil
  • Keeps soil texture and maintains the porosity and aeration of the soil
  • Increases crop yield significantly
  • Increases the quality of Fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • Greater bioactivity
  • Promotes ecological balance
Composition: BIOCOMP-M is made out of de oiled cakes of Azadirachta, Ricinus, Glycine, Gossypium and dry extracts of Ascophyllum nodusum, and other vegetable origin.    
  • Controls the soil nematodes and pathogens
  • Stimulates root development
  • Increases the rate of photosynthesis
  • Stimulates plant enzymes and hormones
  • Stimulates cell division
  • Stimulates protein synthesis of the crop

Bioefficacy: BIOCOMP-M contains N, P, K, micro nutrients, trace elements, and other plant growth promoters. BIOCOMP-M is used in the Nutrient Management system to increase the yield of crops like vegetables, grains, pulses, cereals, oil seeds, spices, fruit crops, plantation crops, and floriculture.

APPLICATION: BIOCOMP-M shall be used as basal manure. A normal land requires around 50-100 kgs/acre during land preparation. A minimal dose of 50 kgs/acre is required during pre flowering stage. The perennials require 250 to 500 grams per plant and two split dosages of pre monsoon and post monsoon.

Biocamp-M is available in 250 ml 500 ml 1000 ml 5 Liters 10 Liters 20 Liters 200 Liters
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