Veritas is manufacturing the following certified organic products in conformity with USDA and EU and Swiss organic farming ordinance.

AZTER is a certified organic crop pest controller made from the phytochemicals of neem (Azadirachta spp.). The main active ingredient is Azadirachtin and its isomers. AZTER also contains synergist phytochemicals from other herbs. AZTER is fortified with natural stabilizer, which enhances the storage stability.

AZTER is manufactured using micro emulsion technology, which helps in the uniform distribution of active ingredients on crops and pests, enhanced spredability and ultimately enhanced bio activity. (read more)



PHYSOL is a certified organic crop stimulant and crop disease controller made of various phytochemicals extracted from different herbs and other vegetable matters. These phytochemicals are made into an Emulsifiable Concentrate. These biostimulants contain limonoids, flavonoids and various other secondary and tertiary metabolites of vegetable origin. PHYSOL is fortified with natural stabilizer, which enhances the storage stability.

PHYSOL is manufactured using micro emulsion technology, which helps in the uniform distribution of active ingredients on the crops, enhanced spredability and ultimately enhanced bio activity. (read more)


Li-O-Fert is a liquid organic fertilizer which contains Macro, Micro and trace nutrients required for the plant growth. Also it contains naturally derived auxins and amino acids. (read more)

Biocomp-M is the organic manure that is made up of organic vegetations, deoiled cakes and other adjuvant. This is multipurpose manure, shall be applied to all crops to increase the yield of the crop. This shall be applied as a basal dressing. Biocomp-M has a perfect blend of various vegetable matters which provides required amount of N, P and K and other micro elements to the crops. (read more)

Li-O-Zyme is a granular fertilizer, manufactured using impregnation and low temperature drying technique. It contains the phyto chemicals and other nutrients from sea weeds. (read more)

Veri-Amino is bio-organic nutritional product which contains amino acids. Veri- Amino is required for plant growth promotion and higher yields. Veri- Amino promotes hormonal activities and induces hormone synthesis resulting into flowering and fruit setting. Veri- Amino also reduces the flower and fruit drop caused by hormonal imbalance. Veri- Amino enhances nutritional uptake and their utilization which improves the quality and quantity of crop yield. Veri- Amino also improves crop shelf life. Veri- Amino is an ideal product to resist from adverse conditions.. (read more)

Veri-Green is a biofertilizer in the form of water soluble powder which contains humic acid, fulvic acid, other organic elements. Veri-Green has recognized benefits on plants, by improving the soil, support better root development helping plants grow more soundly and healthfully. Veri-Green helps to break up the nutrients in the soil, making it easier for plants to ingest them. It supports the plant's ability to to synthesize chlorophyll. The seed germination process is also improved. It adds essential organic material necessary for water retention thus improving root growth and enhancing the soil's ability to retain and not leach out vital plant nutrients. (read more)

Veri-Grow is a 100% water soluble fertilizer which contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium in suitable ratio along with trace elements. Veri-Grow can be sprayed with pesticides, fungicides, etc., and this increases their efficiency. Veri-Grow is acidic in nature, so its absorption by leaves is more efficient. Veri-Grow gives growth and rejuvenation of leaves and plants in case of burning caused by over dose of pesticides. Veri-Grow supplies full nutrition to the plants also when natural disasters such as flood and drought happen. (read more)

Veri- Hume is a 100% water soluble bio-stimulant product which contains humic acid, fulvic acid, macro, micro nutrients and proprietary constituents essential for plant growth. It greatly increases the availability of phosphorous, iron, zinc and manganese. It can be foliar applied with the aid of a conventional sprayer and soil applied with the aid of a liquid kit, irrigation or fertigation apparatus. And also aids in degrading harsh chemicals in an environmentally safe manner. (read more)

Veri-Flower is a plant energizer and flowering stimulant composition with Nitrobenzene for Agricultural and Horticultural flowering crops. Veri-Flower enhances plant canopy and induces profuse flowering and thereby increases the yield. Veri-Flower used for better flowering and fruiting. (read more)

Veri-Rich is plant growth promotor. It promotes the growth of plant to increase yield. Veri-Rich raises the ratio of fruit bearing and increase the unit weight. Veri-Rich enhances the resistance of plant to drought and cold weather. It improves the immunity of the plants. It regulates the differentiation of the plant tissue. It is also known as "PLANT STRENTHENING SUBSTANCE".(read more)
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