Veri-Flower is a plant energizer and flowering stimulant composition with Nitrobenzene for Agricultural and Horticultural flowering crops. Veri-Flower enhances plant canopy and induces profuse flowering and thereby increases the yield. Veri-Flower used for better flowering and fruiting.

  • Increases flowering in plant
  • Prevents flower shedding
  • It enhances early flowering. Plants take less time to flower
  • It helps the plant to increase CN ratio significantly
  • It increases the plant size
  • Yield contributing characters like plant height increased
  • Number of branches per plant increased
  • Number of flowers per cluster increased
  • Fruits per plant will be increased
  • Fruit weight increase is 20-25 %. Bigger fruits are produced
  • Total yield increase due to Veri-Flower application is 35-50%
  • Quality characters like TSS (Total soluble solutes), in crease by 6-7%  and acidity by 10-12%, Ascorbic acid by 7-10%  and total sugar % increase by 5-7.5%.
  • It can be used in all major agricultural and horticulture crops through foliar application
  • It is compatible with other pesticides and fungicides
Dissolve 2 to 3 ml of Veri – Flower  in 1  litre of water and can be sprayed as foliar application. Spraying every 25 days after starting
10 days prior to flowering increases the yield significantly.
VERI-Flower is available in 250ml 500ml 1000ml.
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